Digital marketing nanodegree.

The Ecommerce world is full of nice opportunities. I got some my self by selling my products in some professional marketplace platforms. that gave me a lot of sales. I am happy to got my small business growing fast and make a success.

but after few months I realized that there are some problems caused by those marketplaces. because the customers dose not buy the products directly from my website which means I lost a lot of features I would have got if I use marketing to get costumers buying there needs directly from my website. and give me there contact so I can sell to them more and more in the future.

actually, It takes me some time to find a good way to achieve my goal. I knew that the Digital marketing is main key to achieve my goal. but I didn’t know how to start and also how to get large volume of sales quickly and with low cost. so I was not able to take a serious step toward my goal.

Then, I got the digital marketing Nanodegree scholarship from Udacity and ITIDA. This course helped to understand and organize the plan I need to achieve my goal. and because I need to get my goal faster and with low cost and familiar with modern digital world I will apply affiliate program in my website.

So, through this post I will be more than happy to invite all marketers and freelancers to join that program. then To work on my products affiliate program.

I welcome any questions.

my E-mail mohamed.mostafa1247@gmail.com

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